Oranges, Kinnow Export

Kinnow (Orange) has become a major export item of Pakistan. At Royal Farms International, our experts chose the best quality Pakistani Kinnow (Orange) for export to the demanding customers all over the world.


Vegetables Export Company

The mission of Royal Farms International® is to supply our customers with a reliable source of high quality vegetable.


Mango, a delicious food

Pakistan is the largest exporter of mango, it accounts for about one percent of the international mango trade, consuming most of its own mango output. Royal Farms International Offers Fresh Juicy Mangoes.


Export Quality Rice

There are more than 25,000 known varieties of rice. Rice is largely consumed in two different forms white rice and brown rice. Export Quality Rice offered by Royal Farms International


Fresh Vegetables

The mission of Royal Farms International® is to supply our customers with a reliable source of high quality vegetable.


Export of Surgical Instruments

Royal Farms International is also dealing in exporting surgical instruments.


Fresh Flowers & Seeds

Royal Farms International® is one of the main supplier and provider of various types of winter flowers.
If you are in a search for purchasing flower seeds but do still would not have an idea on where one can actually have and find those which are not only of the best quality but are also the most beneficial priced you can ever find earlier, you might want to take a moment now to do even only a quick research.
By simply going online and writing flower seed inside your search engine’s search box, you will be in a position to find a number of lists there and it pertains to seed sellers both from your local area and of course on the internet. You see, there is no need for you to exert that so much effort as you definitely can take advantage of your choices and will not require to go anywhere out in the market.
Winter gardening is an excellent way to add a little spring merriment to the long cold months. Starting a winter garden is usually carried out before the first fall hits. There are a number of flowers that will bloom during the cold and harsh months of winter. When choosing which flower seeds you will buy, it is important to know which flowers will bloom in rough weather conditions such as extreme cold.
The following are the different kinds of flower seeds that will bloom in the winter:
Flower Bulbs: If you are partial to flower bulbs, there are a number of different bulbs that will bloom in the winter. Various bulbs include: Snow Crocus, Snowdrops, Cyclamen , Daffodils and Hyacinth. There are also spring blooming bulbs such as Tulips can be made to blossom during the dark and cold months.
Camellia sasanqua: The Camellia sasanqua contains an abundance of attractive apple blossom type flowers. The types of Camellia sasanqua that contain the words ‘snow’ or ‘winter’ in their name can bloom and endure at temperatures of about -5 F.
Winter Heaths: These flowers can flourish in very cold temperatures. These evergreens will produce small bell shaped flowers that can be magenta, reddish purple and pink in color. Types such as the Erica carnea and E. darleyensis can bloom in temperatures from -20F to -25F. Heath has a very individual appearance and makes for a great ground cover plant.
Honeysuckle: There are various varieties of the Honeysuckle that can bloom in cold temperatures. Types of honeysuckle that bloom in very cold temperatures include: Lonicera fragrantissima and Lonicera x purpusii (Winter Beauty.)
Winter-sweet: The Winter-sweet is well known for its exquisite scent. When properly cared for, it can eventually reach 12 feet in height. Between December and March, the C. praecox (C. Fragrans) variety produces cup-shaped yellow flowers that have purple centers. The 'Grandiflorus' type blooms in late winter and contains red centers.
Witch Hazel: The Witch Hazel is a further flower that can bloom during the cold unexciting months. It produces lightly scented red or yellow flowers. Depending on the type, Witch Hazel is a bush that blooms from late fall to late winter, Orange Witch Hazel, Vernal Witch Hazel, and Common Witch Hazel are three popular types of flowers that are often maintained during the frosty months.
Hellebore: Frequently referred to as the Lenten Rose, the evergreen leaves of the Hellebore are deep green on the top and red underneath. The colors of the flowers can be white, green, red, purple and almost black. From November to March, the Hellebore’s clump of bell-shaped flowers will bloom.
Oleaster: Often referred to as Russian olive, when the Oleaster blooms, it initially produces small white flowers, and then it produces berries that are fit for human consumption. This evergreen can reach up to 10 to 12 feet in height. It is more suitable for environmental conditions near the seashore.
Upholding blooming flowers during the winter requires time and great care. By choosing healthy flower seeds that can handle the cold temperatures, you can add color and vibrancy to the long and dreary cold months.