Oranges, Kinnow Export

Kinnow (Orange) has become a major export item of Pakistan. At Royal Farms International, our experts chose the best quality Pakistani Kinnow (Orange) for export to the demanding customers all over the world.


Vegetables Export Company

The mission of Royal Farms International® is to supply our customers with a reliable source of high quality vegetable.


Mango, a delicious food

Pakistan is the largest exporter of mango, it accounts for about one percent of the international mango trade, consuming most of its own mango output. Royal Farms International Offers Fresh Juicy Mangoes.


Export Quality Rice

There are more than 25,000 known varieties of rice. Rice is largely consumed in two different forms white rice and brown rice. Export Quality Rice offered by Royal Farms International


Fresh Vegetables

The mission of Royal Farms International® is to supply our customers with a reliable source of high quality vegetable.


Export of Surgical Instruments

Royal Farms International is also dealing in exporting surgical instruments.

Welcome to Royal Farms International

As an import, export and trading company, entire team of Royal Farms International® has a progressive approach. Our aim is to provide not only the best quality food and other items to our global clientele but also to add a little in their information. And for this reason we have developed a state-of-the-art plan, the plan which not only will be beneficial for us but also for our visitors, as well as, for our existing and future business partners. Our motto is to spread the word of knowledge while trading with the global customers, that’s why you will find our web-site a source of information too. Please keep on exploring, we would be happy to have your feedback.


As an import, export and trading company, Royal Farms International® (RFI) acknowledges its obligation towards customers’ satisfaction that has been a vital part of our mission since the day one.


Royal Farms International® (RFI) has a futuristic vision, the vision to provide best service to our global customers. As we plan our business strategies to extend our growth for the times to come, our core value of caring people at work and our worldwide customer base with incessant improvement, will carry on to drive our future plans.

Export Business

We deal in and are mainly focused on export of various items like fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, dry fruits, flowers, fresh water and frozen fish of various species, sports wear including, but not limited to sports gloves, jogging suits etc. embroidered dresses, wedding dresses, bed sheets, cloths, stocks available, rice, frozen red and white meat including mutton, beef, lamb, veal, and chicken, carefully balanced mineral water, juices and all kind of pulses.


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